Learning to Weave

A few weeks ago my wife and I took an introduction to weaving class. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now. My fascination with textiles has been growing ever since grad school when I became familiar with the work of the dutch designer Hella Jongarius. Her work with this medium is fascinating to me especially the way she integrates her extensive knowledge of color and pattern.

I am fascinated with textiles because of their deep connection to people. That is to say, people seem to respond to textiles in an emotional way. They bridge the biological and man-made worlds to become something that is made by people, yet feels intrinsically human. I see this in the role cloth and textiles played throughout history and human and cultural development. From a design standpoint, it is a material that so often involves close contact with people, making the tactility of the material (not just the look of it) essential to the the overall design.

It was such a pleasure to experiment with this material and begin to learn about the process of weaving at the Chicago Weaving School.